My next car… Decisions decisions. Should I wait for the Tesla Model E or X

Tesla Mode X

I’m someone who really likes the idea of saving gas and having a car that gets great mpg’s (l/100 for us Canadians). My next car purchase is a little over a year away and I know I want something good on gas but what should I get? The auto journalists are always saying that the new compact cars come close to hybrid fuel economy, but if you believe that I have some great oregano to sell you…

The 3rd gen prius which is due for an update next year can easily get 50mpg (4.7L/100km) in its current form and with a few tips from you can easily get 60+ real world mpg, which much higher than a compact. Will it pay off? Sure. why not. When gas hits 2$/L you’ll wish you can get out of your lease and buy one. My only grip with the Prius is that isn’t not particularly fast or great in the handling department. I’m not saying I want to drag race with it. But every once in a while a quick 0-50km is so rewarding. It’s probably comfortable though and it’s definitely on my list.

There comes in Tesla however. The Model S is definitely not in my price range, but there’s rumours the new Model E might be out in 2017. If it comes in at 35k minus the government 8k rebate, I’ll be putting my deposit the minute they officially announce it. Oh and make it AWD while your at it, since with electrics you actually get better range with two motors because one can be geared for more efficiency. Genius isn’t it?

Elon….sell me this please.

What do you think? Should I wait for the Model E?

On the other news, Tesla Model X delayed until late 2015 in efforts to deliver best possible vehicle

Tesla released their quarterly shareholder letter today and it included some interesting information. Here are the important takeaways.

– Model X delayed until third quarter 2015 due to them doing more testing validation to ensure the best possible product.
– Tesla is expecting orders for Model S to increase by 50% in 2015
– Introduction of new leasing product and Resale Value Guarantee program.
– Production should be at 2,000 vehicles per week by end of 2015.
– Paint shop upgrade should be able to cover Model 3 needs.
– 33,000 vehicles expected to be delivered in 2014

I’m happy to read that Tesla is willing to forego some earlier revenue in order to deliver the best possible product.
Talk about setting an industry standard!

Fun Runs by John S. D.


Guest post, contributed by John S.D. from Cash For Cars Removal Perth.

Driving in a fun run is pretty straightforward and they are events in which families, including the children, can share in the fun. It’s an ideal opportunity to cruise along and just enjoy your car. A good fun run will take you away from normal driving and allow you to feel the freedom and pleasure of driving which you don’t feel during the daily commute.

However, there are a few points to remember. Don’t be lured by the wife and kids into spending too long over lunch. You should still be watching the clock otherwise you may find yourself having to drive a little anti-socially in order to make up the time.

Sometimes fun runs will take you onto test tracks and racing circuits. There activities have always been very successful and incident free because everybody enters into the spirit of the event. There is no pressure on these’s a fun run. Part of the pleasure of these events is to see how sensible and considerate classic car owners are compared to the average motorist.

On a fun run, the key point is to enjoy the day, share the classic car experience and learn from other enthusiasts who are also at the event.




Rally Driving

The term “rally” covers a multitude of disciplines including simple treasure hunts, regularity driving, sheer endurance and all-out special stage work. The vital skill to develop for all of them is a sense of pace and an ability to see the road ahead, Few drivers truly have a good sense of space, probably because they have never thought about it. Without it successive corners are taken at widely varying levels of effort until you find one on which you are hopelessly over the limit and go off. A bit of deep thinking about this question of pace will repay you handsomely. Applied properly, even to normal road driving, it will enable you to cover greater distances in greater safety and with the added benefit of reduced fatigue.

Fatigue is a potential trap for beginners taking part in longer rallies, which may run for several days. The early sections of such an event are usually quite easy, so get going and keep rolling at a relaxed and comfortable pace. It’s easy to put too much energy into these parts of a rally with the result that when you get to the harder parts in the middle of, say the last night, you are exhausted. That’s when there is the potential for you and your crew to get confused and make silly mistakes. So save yourself and the car for the important sections.

Special stages on closed roads call for a great deal of experience if you are to be safe and fast. Its just you and your car against the clock and the fastest team wins. The golden rule here is to keep concentrating on the road ahead; if you find that you are thinking what went wrong with the last corner you can be sure that trouble lies ahead. You must keep your mind focused as far down the road as possible.

On some rallies you will encounter difficult conditions; you might be at 6,000 feet in the mountains in the middle of the night and the temperature may be as low as -30. If the car stops, you will be at risk surprisingly quickly so be prepared for that.

Assuming the car keeps going some tips on winter driving may be useful. The big problem can be slowing down when descending mountain passes; the average driver will lock the wheels and crash, cadence braking is usually sufficient. This involves rapid stabs on the brake pedal and it usually works; with experience you can improve this technique but it is still very effective when it is used crudely. Better, by reading the road you can often spot some clear sections of tarmac which can be used for braking and turning. If still in difficulty downhill you can use the very edge of the road, where some grit is often found for braking.

On deep snow, simply locking the wheels will build a wall of snow ahead which will slow you down. If the road is slippery but there is deep snow at the edge you can slow by steering in to it; it will stop your car amazingly quickly but there is a risk if striking some concealed solid object unless you avoid the bumps in the snow.


The object here is to take pole position make a perfect start and drive away from the opposition in splendid isolation. If you have to race against others, however, remember to respect them. It is not a contact sport, so try to make sure that if you do touch another car it is because the other driver has made a mistake!

The classic mistake on circuits is to go too fast too soon. Build up a perfect lap and try to be analytical and consistent. If things are going wildly wrong there is probably something wrong with the car, not you. In racing there is no substitute for experience so don’t expect to win your first event.

Hill climbs and Sprints

These are excellent disciplines for all competition drivers. They require the kind of absolute precision that should be applied to all competition driving. Walk the course and think about your every action. After practice, analyse all of this and go over and over your next run mentally. Get it right and you will turn in a perfect performance.

Elon Musk confirms 4wd Model S, 135kW Supercharger, and possibly first to market with autonomous car.

4wd Model S

Elon Musk and JB Straubel spoke on February 1st, in Oslo, Norway at a major Tesla event! It’s safe to say, Norway is in love with Tesla and they’ll be getting their fair share of Superchargers. The video you see above was played before the Q&A session with Elon.

Some major takeaways from the Q&A session (mostly paraphrasing):

  • Goal is to drop cost/kYh by 40% for GenIII.
  • Tesla will need 30GWh/yr of battery production for the Gen III – will need a Giga-factory.
  • Version 6 of software will be adding real-time traffic and internet music.
  • Full control over suspension, such as raising suspension in snowy conditions.
  • 4wd Model S will most likely be built close to when Model X production has started or reached volume (probably end of first quarter 2015).
  • Bigger seat upgrade for Model S likely a year away.
  • 135kW at most Supercharger stations by the end of this year.
  • Double the number of Supercharger stations in Norway.
  • 100 additional Supercharger stations in Europe by the end of this year.
  • Study has shown that energy payback driving a Model S happens in less than 10,000 miles.
  • Most probably first to market with autonomous car (or autopilot functionality).
  • Model X will have removable 3rd row seating.
  • Model X will have proximity sensors on door that will analyze the environment and automatically stop before hitting the top of garage or roof.
  • There will be space (ski-box?) inside Model X to store skis.
  • Energy consumption for Model X will most probably be 10% greater per km as a result of greater frontal area and slightly higher drag coefficient.

This is encouraging news, and Tesla is actually still production constrained and therefore demand currently outstrips supply.

Tell us, are you thinking of ordering a Model S, or Model X? Or will you be waiting for the Gen III?

What to Look for When Buying a Used Car


Buying a used car is an exciting opportunity to own a car for a much cheaper price than buying brand new There are many good deals out there, but be careful as some dealers are not as reputable as others. So to help, here are some tips to take with you to make sure you get a decent, well-looked after car for the price you are paying. Before you go First, do your research! Before going into the car yard, you should look online for the car that will suit you the most This will save you time There is a lot of information online to make it quick and easy to decipher which one you would prefer. Look at the make and model, how many miles they have done, color, if it’s automatic or manual and, most importantly, the price. However buying privately does not give you this luxury. Make sure the car you choose is within your budget and it is worth the price you are paying outright. If not see if you can get a loan or make payment installments that you can afford to pay back. Never go above what you can afford, you don’t want to be in any debt! When you get there Once you have done this, go to the provider of choice and take another person with you like a friend or relative. This is so you don’t miss asking vital questions or accidentally overlooking any damage or defects. Ask the dealer if there are any outstanding finance on the car, this is important as you don’t want to have the car repossessed even if you have paid it off. Also, make sure the car is registered within your state so you can actually drive it! What to Inspect Perform a thorough check of the inside and outside of the car, for example, look for any evidence of rust, stains, bubbled paint, anything that is broken or any loose paneling. Check there are no dents or scratched paint on the exterior of the car and that all doors open and shut without difficulty. Take a look at the engine itself. See if it is clean, if there is sufficient oil and water and if it actually works. Test Drive Always, always take the car for a test drive. This is the best way to see if a car functions well and takes you from A to B without any concerns. This is where you can also check all internal electronics of the car. Such as the air conditioner (both cool and warm settings), the windscreen wipers, the windows, radio and CD player (if applicable).

How To Buy The Best Car At An afordable Price


Buying a car should be an exciting experience. Especially, if you are on a tight budget. You might have been looking for the best affordable car deal in the market, for a while now. But due to the hard economic times, many Americans are opting to buy best quality cars at prices they can comfortably afford. What does this mean? It means that, it’s even going to get harder for to get you hands on these best quality cars because, there are on high demand. Below are some helpful tips to improve your chances of landing a good car without breaking the bank they include;

Know Where to Look While you can visit different yards for used cars, you are likely not going to find the best vehicle.Since, most of these yard’s prices do not leave the owners with much profit. That is why, checking online classified websites, local newspapers auto section and generally be on the lookout for cars for sale in you area will be your best option.

Know How to Search Online If you have decided to search for an affordable car online, you must choose the websites carefully. Searching at each classified website individually is likely to give you some positive results. However, there are also shopping sites that allows you to search for hundreds of car sites and classified sites at once regardless of your budget. Use good phrases to search for an affordable car according to your budget.

Ask Questions When it comes to buying best quality cars, it is important to know that something it helps to ask questions regarding the car. somethings might be wrong with the car. for example, It might have a lot of miles or it needs some costly repairs. Get all information you need ahead of time. Ask about all the inspections and repairs history if necessary.

Test Drive before Purchase After finally deciding on the car to buy, a test drive is always recommended. Test driving is particularly common with second hand vehicles. In addition to getting a feel of the car handling and you might also notice if the cars needs upgrade or repairs the seller forgot to mention.

Negotiate Take your time and effort to research for an affordable car. It can help you save even further in the event you know beforehand what you want to buy, about the incentive and rebates that can further slash down the cost of the vehicle.

Finally, when purchasing for the best affordable vehicle, be prepared to bargain for the best price. Dealers are used to this kind of bargains, so do not just agree on what they say. Be armed with the right information regarding the car you need, you will be in a good position to negotiate a price that is affordable to you. and fair to the dealer.